Kickstarter with MEXC!

2 min readJul 19, 2022


Good Day WATTTON Community!

We are thrilled to announce that we are having the Kickstarter session with MEXC!

📣[Initial Listing] MEXC Kickstarter — Vote to Win 51,600 WATTTON (WATT) Airdrops!

⏰ Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
Voting Period: 2022–07–19 18:00–2022–07–20 02:50 (UTC)
Estimated Trading: 2022–07–20 12:00 (UTC)
Voting Link:
Airdrop Details:
- Reward Pool: 51,600 WATT

- Price: 0 USDT (Reference Price: $0.78)

Voting Token: USDC (Voting cap: maximum 50,000 USDC)
Requirement: Minimum 10 votes (1 vote = 1 USDC)

🔹 The tokens used for voting will be temporarily locked during the event period and will be unlocked within an hour once the event concludes. Users can vote as many times as they wish before the voting period ends.

🎁The airdrop rewards will be distributed proportionally within an hour according to users’ total votes once the event concludes.

💚Sign up:

Official Announcement:


The WATTTON project is the next-generation ‘idea-energy trading platform’ to discover, introduce, and develop sustainable, carbon-free, eco-friendly, economical, and mysterious energy.
From the development of eco-friendly energy at the level of an idea to the commercialization of ‘idea energy products’ at a tradable level, we will provide a new trading platform on the energy trading platform.

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ESG, Green, Renewable, Sustainable energies ecosystem on Blockchain. We are here for all alternate energy ideas around the world.