What are “Idea-Energies?”

WATTTON ecosystem operates with a vision to discover, introduce, and develop sustainable energies. WATTTON’s social crowdfunding platform and eco-friendly marketplace are the two imperative platforms that are conceived to make sustainability dreams turn into reality.

WATTTON’s social crowdfunding platform facilitates an opportunity for people all across the globe to submit their potential, sustainable, and renewable idea-energies and it can be voted by the community members to take it to the next phase.

The top three idea-energies having the highest vote on the platform will be taken forward for public crowdfunding. In the crowdfunding round, the idea that gets the highest funds will be incubated by the WATTTON foundation and partnerships with energy production, and distribution corporations.

The social crowdfunding platform is available on both the web and mobile versions.

Thus from the development of eco-friendly energy at the level of an idea to the commercialization of idea energy products at a tradable level, WATTTON provides the best support to the users of the platform. Initially, the products can be utilized among households, and then it can be turned into industrial energy.

WATTTON believes in creating a better world for future generations by giving them the gift of a clean environment and sustainable energy resources without destroying or wasting current resources. The platform accomplishes this through a suite of business products and harnesses the potential of technology to build solutions that will be utilized to produce various types of ‘eco-friendly’ energies.


The WATTTON project is the next-generation ‘idea-energy trading platform’ to discover, introduce, and develop sustainable, carbon-free, eco-friendly, economical, and mysterious energy.
From the development of eco-friendly energy at the level of an idea to the commercialization of ‘idea energy products’ at a tradable level, we will provide a new trading platform on the energy trading platform.

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