Why ESG?

The advancement of technology has been tremendous in the past decade, and they have played a crucial role in making the lives of people better. But at the same time, these breakthroughs should never disturb the environment, and that’s holistic growth. A cleaner environment, clean air, and, most importantly, renewable energy are mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

While technology and industrialization may have led to these damages to the environment, it is also possible to harness the potential of newer technologies to heal the environment and improve the living conditions of people around the world. The myth that economic growth has to come at a cost to the environment is untrue, and WATTTON has an elegant ecosystem designed which can balance the tradeoffs between economic growth and environmental health.

This is why WATTTON team is focusing on ESG, to build a platform where users can voluntarily participate in various activities which are beneficial towards the environment. WATTTON incentivizes users to provide useful energy information and ideas which can possibly be transformed into producible energy, as well as widely utilized among households, then turned into industrial energy.

By simply contributing to the WATTTON platform by submitting simple and light ideas on reusable energy, anyone can create an eco-friendly culture among our users and participants, ultimately creating a cleaner, healthier environment for humanity.


The WATTTON project is the next-generation ‘idea-energy trading platform’ to discover, introduce, and develop sustainable, carbon-free, eco-friendly, economical, and mysterious energy.
From the development of eco-friendly energy at the level of an idea to the commercialization of ‘idea energy products’ at a tradable level, we will provide a new trading platform on the energy trading platform.

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ESG, Green, Renewable, Sustainable energies ecosystem on Blockchain. We are here for all alternate energy ideas around the world.